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Rock Solid

“I decided to put all my trust in your course and you as the “executive osmosis guide” in scriptwriting. It was worth it. The system works and I feel I’m building a rock solid base.”

-Cathinka Brustad

Loving this.

“If you want to be a master painter then it helps to try and reproduce the paintings of masters. The same applies to screenwriting. Only by reading the best screenplays will you fully understand what you are really aspiring to.”

David Gould

Full Of Wow.

“This course is full of wow-experiences. I’ve studied a lot before, but never anything like this. You bring all your previous knowledge, push that aside and throw yourself into something that feels a bit like binge-watching. ”

Hanna Wallerman

Creative Boost.

“I feel so privileged to have been able to do the Immersion course. The way the course is set up means that you need to spend an hour a day working on it, which for me personally, boosted my creativity enormously.”

-Emma Wilson

Loving this.

“I am loving this course. You have to work hard but you’ll be doing what you love. The ‘Immersion’ concept really works. I would recommend this course without hesitation.”

Melanie Calvert

Learning by Doing.

“This course is learning by doing. The focus is on your own efforts and the experience itself develops your skills – almost unconsciously – simply by going through the motions of the course. ”

Paul Johannessen


    Karel Segers will provide you with a selection of twenty of the finest scripts ever written, from different genres, different generations, and executed in different styles. All are great examples of how to write successfully today. This course will also function as your personal trainer, making sure you take action every single day.


    Part of the course will be to summarise the stories you read, and record the techniques you discover. The course website will give you clear instructions, and a timeline to work from. After repeatedly performing some deceptively simple exercises, you will learn the essentials of formatting, character and structure, effortlessly.


    You will not consume any writing theory. Instead, you’ll be a screenwriter from day one. You will write every day, and you will write the stories you love the most. There is no tutor but yourself. There is no fee for the course, but … you pay if you drop out. Want to know how it all works? Join the free webinar. Just click the button below…. IF YOU DARE.


“Learn the rhythm of story. I find my response to my writing is becoming visceral. I can feel when a scene is going too long, and I start to listen for the beat of the story. It also eases you into writing. When it is time to write you start armed with a new confidence.”

Caroline Fonda


“I know Karel has created this training to be much more than about learning screenwriting – it’s about learning the habits that make your dreams come true – so that when chaos does enter your life (no one is immune to it) – you have an unshakable habit to carry you through.”

Katara Jade


“It has been a revelatory experience for me. Karel has combined copying scripts, reading scripts and summarising them, reverse screenwriting, and lessons in self-discipline to create a course that is a must for any aspiring screenwriter.”

Nandhi Nagaratnam