Your Creative Dream.   In 180 Days.


It takes brass balls.

You’d love to write a film script? This course introduces you to the techniques of the pro writer, without opening a book, and without paying a cent.
From thirty years of industry experience, and ten years teaching screenwriters, I have designed the best value basic training you can get, anywhere.
This course is for beginners, but not for the fainthearted. Join me for the free webinar, learn why this free course guarantees results, and see if you’ve got the balls for this.


    Karel Segers will provide you with a selection of twenty of the finest scripts ever written, from different genres, different generations, and executed in different styles. All are great examples of how to write successfully today. This course will also function as your personal trainer, making sure you take action every single day.


    Part of the course will be to summarise the stories you read, and record the techniques you discover. The course website will give you clear instructions, and a timeline to work from. After repeatedly performing some deceptively simple exercises, you will learn the essentials of formatting, character and structure, effortlessly.


    You will not consume any writing theory. Instead, you’ll be a screenwriter from day one. You will write every day, and you will write the stories you love the most. There is no tutor but yourself. There is no fee for the course, but … you pay if you drop out. Want to know how it all works? Join the free webinar. Just click the button below…. IF YOU DARE.


“My first feature just premiered in the US, and I have another spec on the way. That wouldn’t be the case without learning from Karel Segers.”

-Nicholas Andrew Halls


“Karel encourages, nurtures and rewards students. He helps us do better and inspires us to challenge ourselves and improve. ”

Brenda Jackson


“I loved Karel’s course so much, I took it twice. My screenplay went on to win a bunch of awards. And now I am about to start my second paid writing gig. I can’t recommend Mr. Segers highly enough.”

Phil Parker
Professional Screenwriter

I will tell you all about the course, and you can get started rightaway during a free webinar.


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